What is En-Motions?

En-Motions is a fun interactive program that provides the tools for children to make healthier food choices, be physically active, and express themselves.

Just The FATS!


By Andrea Alleyne

Childhood obesity is an epidemic that has a number of negative consequences medically, physically, and emotionally. Health and nutrition education is vital not just for children struggling with obesity, but for all children to become empowered in their own health care. Physical activity is also essential for improved health.

In a study conducted over a 3-year period, where elementary school teachers provided 90min/wk of “physically active academic lessons” the results indicated a decrease in body mass index (BMI) and an increase in academic achievement scores (Donnelly et al., 2009).

This is where En-Motions can help. As an after school enrichment program, En-Motions can provide children with the tools to make better food choices and increase their physical activity with the latest technology that they love.

Did you Know…

Junk food tastes so good because it’s filled with: salt, sugar, and fat.

Source:  “The Weight of the Nation for Kids” HBO Special

junk food

Question:  What kind of skipping makes you gain weight?

Answer:  When you skip meals especially breakfast you are likely to overeat at other meal times.  Source: “The Weight of the Nation for Kids” HBO Special

Question:  How can you do better in school without studying more?

Answer:  Moving around gets more blood and oxygen to your brain helping it work better.  Source: “The Weight of the Nation for Kids” HBO Special