What is En-Motions?

En-Motions is a fun interactive program that provides the tools for children to make healthier food choices, be physically active, and express themselves.

About En-Motions

En-Motions offer a variety of programs in various settings:

En-Motions is a provider with Seminole County Public Schools and provides after school enrichment classes in elementary schools that both educates and entertains children on health, nutrition, and fitness. Children are given the tools that facilitate healthier food choices and increased knowledge of health and nutrition. In addition children have the opportunity to increase their physical activity with the use of the latest technology – active gaming.



En-Motions provide wellness coaching to all children and adolescents with the following objectives: teaching health and wellness and providing fun physical activity. Individual and group sessions are available.

En-Motions provide therapeutic services for overweight and obese children and incorporates the tools of health, nutrition, and physical activity with active gaming in addition to psychotherapy.

Our Philosophy

Wellness transcends to all areas of life positively impacting children to grow into empowered, confident, and productive adults.

Mission Statement

En-Motions will inspire, empower, and motivate children to live healthier and happier lives through wellness.


En-Motions will implement the steps necessary for children to make and choose healthy choices for physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
En-Motions will design an environment that will foster movement and enrich preference for physical fitness.
En-Motions will create an environment where children can talk, release, and express their thoughts and feelings.



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About the Founder

Andrea E. Alleyne, PhD, LCSW

Andrea is a licensed psychotherapist with over 14 years of experience working with children and adolescents. Working with children and adolescent both as a psychotherapist for over eight years, a teacher for four years for Orange County Public Schools, and the owner/operator of a licensed home day care for three years, Andrea knows the importance of mental and physical wellness for children and the impact it has on children’s academics and motivation to learn.

Andrea received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising from the University of Florida, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, a Masters in Social Work with a certification in Social Work Administration from the University of Central Florida, a Children’s Fitness personal training certification from American Fitness Professionals & Associates AFPA, and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Health Psychology from Walden University.